Historic DB-2 restoration

Carl Correll has joined our company, and is currently working on a complete rebuild of a 1984 Swift DB-2.  This car was the first DB-2 built, and it finished 3rd in it’s first appearance at the 1984 Runoffs with Steve Shelton driving.

Here’s the “before” picture.  The car complete ready for it’s makeover…

1984 DB-2

1984 DB-2

First up, the bodywork and engine were removed.

DB-2 engine removed

The engine was sent off to Ivey Engines for rebuilding, while the gearbox was disasembled and inspected.

DB-2 Hewland disassembled

Carl will be replacing the ring & pinion, a worn-out shift finger, and putting in new seals and bearings.

If you’ve got a mechanical project that’s just a bit more than you’re ready to do yourself at home, consider bringing it to Veracity Racing Data.  We can help with maintenance, upgrades or a complete restoration.   With Carl’s gearbox expertise, we can now handle those gearbox projects.   We will also be adding shock testing and service to our offerings.

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