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Made in America, and with a long history of success in all types of racing. Drivers using CDS systems have won more than 81 SCCA National Championships. All CDS products are designed with a seamless upgrade path so that the customer never has to discard an existing system and “start over” when moving up the racing ladder.  They price their products to provide the best value (highest performance/price ratio) in the business and CDS continues to evolve these products with industry leading technical innovations.

Display/Logger Co-Pilot 2

cp2+a The Co Pilot 2 is a “smart” and programmable display system designed to process data into the useful information and answers, showing the driver WHAT he needs to see WHEN he needs to see it. The Co Pilot 2+  has all the features of the standard display PLUS 8 MB of data logging capability! The Co Pilot 2+ with data logging receives its data the Serial Sensor Interface (SSI) via serial data stream. The standards 12-Channel SSI offers 8 Analog Channels, 3 RPM channels, built-in accelerometer (optional 2 or 3 axis), internal voltage and serial data stream connection for Formula F (Honda), Autronic, Pectel, MBE, MoTeC ECUs). The 20-Channel SSI option provides 16 analog channels. (add $700 to below packages to upgrade).

See below for information on GPS2 used to generate speed and beacon information from Global Positioning Satellites. Co Pilot 2+ Packages (Includes wiring/sensors or optional ECU interface)

  • CP500G  Co Pilot 2 Dash only (can upgrade to logging), SSI-12, RPM, Speed, Lap Time, Oil & Water Temp, Oil Pressure, GPS2 included, $2390
  • CP1000C, Co Pilot 2 Dash/Logger, SSI-12, as above plus Lateral G’s, and TrackMaster Standard analysis software — Classic configuration includes IR Beason Receiver (transmitter sold separately), $2695.   CP1000G with GPS2 $2995.
  • CP2000C, Adds Longitudinal G sensor, Steering & Throttle sensors, Classic IR beacon receiver, $3195, CP2000G with GPS2, $3495.
  • CP2500C, Adds 4 suspension sensors to CP2000 (replaces Temp/Pressure sensors with ECU data), Includes TrackMaster Pro software including chassis animation, Classic IR beacon Receiver, $4995. GP2500G with GPS2, $5295
  • CP3000C, Includes SSI-20, Water and OIl Temp, Oil Pressure, Throttle, Steering, 4 suspension sensors, includes TrackMaster Pro Software.   Classic IR beacon receiver, $5895.   CP3000G with GPS2, $6195

Video Data Integration


CDS Informer is not the newest prime-time television crime drama, but you will find it just as fascinating to watch. Check this out.

The CDS Informer 2 transforms any in-car video recording system into a full blown data acquisition system by overlaying performance data onto the in-car video. The Informer processes raw data into useful information and answers, including the Predicted Lap Time, the Time Difference, and Recent Time Difference.

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Informer 2 is an accessory that can be added to any CDS Commander 2, Co Pilot or Co Pilot 2+ system, $1195. Leave the crime dramas for TV, but the best use of an Informer is on the track.

For stand-alone video overlay systems see the all new COMMANDER 3v all-in-one product.


Commander 3v

c3overview The Commander 3V combines the data logging functions of the Co Pilot 2+ with the “video data overlay” functions of the Informer 2 all in one compact affordable package. Owners can use either function (data logging or video data overlay) or both at the same time. If you are new to data logging you can start by just using the video data overlay then use the data logging feature once you are comfortable with the system.

  • RC400, Logs and overlays RPM, Speed (from GPS) Gear Position, Lap Time, Lateral G, Battery Voltage, includes TrackMaster Standard software and GPS2 for Speed/Lap Timing,  $2395
  • RC600, Same as above but adds Steering & Throttle, and Handling Analysis in the TrackMaster Software, $2895.
  • RC1200, Includes SSI-21 for additional Channel logging.  Includes Throttle, Steering plus 4 suspension sensors, and TrackMaster Pro Software, $4795.
  • Commander 3v options — upgrade to SSI-20 on any system for $700, add Water Temp,  Oil Temp, and Oil Pressure for $300.


CDS Track Master Software


Track Master Software is used for analyzing all types of data recorded with any of the CDS Loggers. CDS knows that the value of a racing data acquisition lies in the ability to quickly utilize the data to improve. Consequently, Track Master’s mission is to enable the user to quickly get answers, not just a jumble of raw data.

Track Master has been widely imitated by our competitors over the years. This imitation is a credit to those who design Track Master, and those people are the hundreds of racers just like you who constantly provide feedback and ideas on the direction you think our software should go.

The current, state of the art Track Master is a culmination of over 20 years of effort to bring you the very best analysis software which is powerful, flexible, and easy to use.

GPS Controller


The CDS GPS2 installs in the cockpit and connects to the Beacon and Wheel Speed channels of your system. It can be used with data systems from CDS, or many of our other brands, including Aim, MoTeC, Stack, and Pi it comes with connectors installed for the system it is intended for use with. It is 100% waterproof.

The antenna mounts on the outside of the car (on the roof of sedans, on the body work or roll hoop of formula and sports racers) and connects to the controller. It is 100% waterproof.

The GPS-2 provides an “end-of-lap” signal (replacing the beacon and receiver). Also provides a speed signal independent of wheel spin and brake lock. So you will never set out a beacon, charge its battery, remember to retrieve it from pit wall, or deal with placement or interference issues ever again!

The Lap and Speed features are independent. You can choose to only use the “end of lap” feature and measure speed with a traditional wheel sensor or use both a wheel sensor and GPS Speed to help analyze wheel spin and lock.

Enhances the accuracy of all CDS features that depend on lap times and speed-distance data including the predicted lap time performance monitor, segment times report, mapping and distance based plotting, and time gain/loss calculations in Track Master software.

Excellent sensitivity for dropout-free speed data under bridges and trees. Position is recalculated 250 times per second to yield a lap time accuracy about .02 seconds. In most cases the accuracy, noise, and jitter of the Speed signal will be significantly better than any wheel speed sensor and is unaffected by brake lock and wheel spin.


The driver sets a “Virtual” Start/Finish line by pressing the orange button. This only needs to be done once, the controller remembers the location until it is reset again (at a different track).

This is usually done at the track’s actual start/finish line to make it easy to duplicate the next time you go to that track.

It’s that simple!   Press a button once per event  and you are done!

  • GPS2-KIT — Add GPS-2 to any existing CDS system with either an 8-pin or two 5-pin connectors (specify when ordering), $595.
  • GPS2 for Other data system (AiM, MoTeC, Stack, Pi), $660.