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Diva SD & Diva HD

ChaseCamSmallThe DIVA SD!
ChaseCam was the first to develop the solid state recorder for motorsports field many years ago. The DIVA SD is their next generation product. Going into this product is the experience from their staff and customers over the last 8 years. Experience being in the cockpit of every V8-Supercar in Australia. Experience being in many Formula 1 teams. Experience being on many Baja offroad vehicles. Also, SPEED World Challenge and SCCA Pro Racing experience, and much, much more.

ChaseCam listened to their customers and worked hard to make the DIVA into the best solution for your needs. Engineered and built here in the United States. Built by racers, for racers.


New user interface with full widescreen (16:9) color LCD to display video. Looking at the LCD makes aiming simplified and easy. You can playback video as soon as your done recording right on the color LCD and with the new integrated speaker, you’ve got sound! The real time video feed can be displayed it’s own LCD screen or to an external screen or dash. The menu structure has been redesigned to be easier, more consistent. Easier and more consistent menu structure. Update your camera at the track with firmware updates downloaded to the SD card. Remote triggers (momentary or constant) or single push button. Control via serial data interface.

ChaseCam, your market leader for Solid State Video Recording

The video is compressed using H.264 for improved quality and small file size. This means longer recording times and highest quality SD video on the market. Multiple user settable camera views can easily be toggled in real-time, along with the factory presets. Diva can automatically handle PAL and NTSC formats(SD) and video can be output to external devices.

You can even insert your logo or other image including friction circle, or time stamp. Adjustable sensitivity of the internal microphone or use external microphone. Just plug the mic in and the Diva will automatically switch over! Built-in speaker for playback or use the audio outputs for external devices.

Collect all data for later analysis and manipulation. Diva can overlay data and collect at the same time(SD) from serial RS-232 interface, CAN Bus interface (2), RPM input 0-5V sensor input. High resolution GPS with 3-axis high accuracy accelerometers (+/- 16G’s), allows any orientation of the unit. Interfaces to many data acquisition set-ups and ECUs, with more in development. Automatic interface to DashWare application for instant custom gauge overlays.

New improved power supply has 6-28 volt DC input range gives Diva the widest input voltage range on the market. What about power loss? Diva has built-in backup power to handle power loss or voltage drops (with surge protection built-in), without corrupting video or data. Built in back up power allows the user to turn on the car and not lose video Improved power filtering can handle very noisy power and provide a clean camera feed. Intelligent power feature to automatically turn on and off the unit or use separate external battery pack. Diva can feed power to 4 separate video cameras and external devices.

Finally, get the data and the video automatically synced up in an easy, single box solution.  Get real-time data overlay in a single box solution.  Get multiple camera views in a single box solution.  The DIVA.  The world’s best video quality in any combined video and data recorder. Plug and play.  With an amazing list of features. All features are subject to change as we continue development.

SKU: DIVA SD    $1,185.00

Additional Features

      • Same size as existing ChaseCam PDR100 and weighs less than one pound.
      • Less than one amp in current draw (with one camera).
      • Auto Record based on triggers such as Gforces, totally hands free Status outputs via serial port
      • Can record based on “events”.
      • Can record continuously. Diva has recycle recording, so Diva will record until it runs out storage space, then it will record over the oldest video first in an endless loop, allowing continuous recording.
      • Rugged anodized aluminum case with protective rubber bumpers.
      • Locking camera connector and single circular connector for up to 4 cameras.
      • Locking data and remote connectors with locking power connector.
      • Status LEDs on the front indicate pause, record, power, trigger armed, GPS signal, and more.
      • Single button on front for easy manual control (if not using hands free setting)
      • Easily locks into an innovate mounting bracket.
      • Easily transferred from car to car. The industry’s highest quality and most versatile camera mounts.
      • Records onto industry standard HC SD Cards, up to 32 gigabytes capacity to record many hours of video and data. 4 gigabyte max file size, can record consecutive 4 gigabyte files
      • User settable compression rates: SuperFine: 4 Mbits/sec (35 minutes per GByte); Fine: 3 Mbits/sec (47 min/GB); Normal: 2 Mbits/sec (70 min/GB) Full 720×480 (NTSC) @ 30fps and 720×576 (PAL)for SD.
      • LAN-C connection

IMPORTANT: You will be able to be upgraded to High Definition when it is available (a reasonable charge to upgrade will apply).  HD unit will be a single camera recorder and will require an HD video head (now in development). At this time, our HD recorder in development does not allow real time data overlay.  It will of course record automatically synced data with the HD video and our DashWare can expertly display the overlays.

Includes power loom, quick start guide, software, single camera adapter cable. Does not include the bullet camera or GPS antenna. Full kits also available.

*All features are subject to change as ChaseCam continues development.

Personal Digital Recorder

PDR-100Tough Enough for the Best

The PDR100 is the core of the ChaseCam video acquisition system. This rugged, solid-state Personal Digital Recorder is used in multiple applications including Formula 1, Off-Road Trophy Trucks, Motorcycles, and countless other forms of sport and competition. It’s even been worn by soldiers in battle!

New Feature: AUTO-RECORD!
Developed for the SPEED World Challenge series, ChaseCam has incorporated Supercaps capacitors and the popular G-Force Module to automatically record an entire weekend of racing, without pushing a button! Here’s how it works:
1) The PDR100 will power on as soon as it receives power.
2) The G-Force Module will trigger the PDR100 to begin recording once it senses vehicle motion. You set the sensitivity.
3) The G-Force Module will trigger the PDR100 to stop recording after it senses no motion for a period of time (user set).
4) The Supercaps will power down the PDR100 approx 5 seconds after wired power is terminated.
Auto-Record is now standard on all PDR-100s.

Summary of Features
100% Solid State–no moving parts.
One button on/record/stop/off
Saves video directly to a standard Compact Flash card (MPEG2 video format)
Supports up to 32GB Compact Flash cards–up to 16 hours of video at Normal quality (8 hours at Highest)
Integrated dual microphone with adjustable gain.
Plugs directly into any RCA-equipped monitor to view live or recorded video.
Powered by external 12V DC power (AC adapter and battery pack available).
Supplies 12V power to your remote camera (300ma max).
Field upgradeable–download the latest firmware from our website.
Auto-sensing NTSC or PAL video formats.
User-selectable video quality and resolution.
Continuous recording capable/Loop Mode.
Date and Time stamp.
Compatible with G-Force Module and Remote Controls, many data acquisition via RS-232 port.
LANC compatible.
MP3 compatible.
Made in USA.



Bullet Cameras

Bullet CamChaseCam Bullet Cameras

ChaseCam Bullet Cameras are very small, lightweight, weatherproof, and rugged. Optimized for racing. This camera outputs standard analog video (NTSC or PAL formats available)

Because of its low weight, there’s less “mass” undergoing shock and vibration which means a more stable image, higher reliability and less chance of damage. It also opens up the use of smaller mounting methods so that you can mount the camera when there’s not much space available. For maximum reliability, the camera is a single printed circuit board with surface mount components and a board mounted CCD.

The BulletCam is weather and waterproof. You can even submerge it (up to 10 feet, with a waterproof cable).

The ChaseCam BulletCams use a wide-angle, lens which is ideal for motorsports. Many lenses are too narrow and the field of view just doesn’t capture the excitement and vividness that you get with a wide angle lens. You can also get too wide an angle which creates a “fisheye” effect. The standard lens is a 90 degree one, and cameras are available with a 120 degree lens and lenses can be swapped out.

The camera is mounted in a hard aluminum tube with standard camera mounting attachment points. The front is a replaceable acrylic protective cover. If damaged, it is easily replaced for $2.00.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a cheap webcam or security cam.

You need a recording device…

The ChaseCam camera simply provides a standard analog video output. If you want to record the video, you’ll need an external recording device such as our Personal Digital Recorder to plug into.

Again, this is an analog (NTSC or PAL) video head that connects to an external recording device, i.e., this is NOT a digital camera.

SKU: CAM-600 $250.00

SKU: PDR100 $695.00 See Previous Item For Details

The ChaseCam 520 Line Bullet Cameras are very small, lightweight, weatherproof, and rugged. Optimized for racing. This camera outputs standard analog video (PAL or NTSC formats available – be sure to pick the right one). Because of its low weight, there’s less “mass” undergoing shock and vibration which means a more stable image, higher reliability and less chance of damage.

Product Features
Vivid full color CCD camera
Performs well in low light: 2 lux color captures crisp 24-bit color images up to 640×480 in size (520+ lines!) PAL or NTSC(United States) format optional
Operating temperature range: -10C to 40C
Auto white balancing with some minor limitation in very bright ambient i.e. bright sunlight on light pavement

*Microphone not included