Upgrade to the latest Stack DataPro for free!

LOGO-WHITEStack has just announced a change in policy regarding upgrades between the various DataPro versions. Users can upgrade to the latest version (DataPro v6) for free. For those who have been stuck with an old Laptop running DataPro V3 because their version of DataPro wouldn’t run on Windows Vista or newer. Take advantage of the bug fixes and improvements found in the latest DataPro v6. Take a look at this page with features found in DataPro v6 on Stack’s website.

The optional Semi-Pro versions (Rainbow track maps, custom sensors, priced at $450), and Pro versions (Semi-Pro features plus Math Channels, priced at $800) are still sold as an upgrade.

Contact us today to find out about getting your DataPro V6 Pin Code!

2 thoughts on “Upgrade to the latest Stack DataPro for free!

  1. My windows vista laptop running datapro v3 has finally died! what are my options as i can not get the v3 to install on my new laptop, the system is a kart version so have no need for suspension analsys etc. just speed ,water,revs and g forces and throttle

    • I would suggest you visit our “Links” page, and click the link for DataPro V6 Download. If you can shoot us an email with your serial number and TAG number, we can request a V6 Authorisation for you.

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