MoTeC Dash Loggers

MoTeC Dash Loggers


MoTeC products are known for the flexibility at adapting to meet practically any requirements. They offer a wide variety of display and logger types with different levels of configurability and expandability. All logging devices use the same great analysis software.

Motec C125
Click to enlarge MoTeC C125

The C125 is an exciting addition to MoTeC’s new range of colour Displays and Display Loggers. Striking in design and powerful in functionality, the C125 offers display, data logging, auxiliary control and programmable LEDs all in one compact device.

The vivid 125mm screen (approx 5″) is high resolution, ultra bright and anti-reflective for easy reading in direct sunlight. Numerous selectable layouts are provided with superb graphics that cater for day and night viewing. Within these layouts users can configure the channels and labels to suit their application.

An array of ten full colour LEDs is integrated into the unit for use as shift lights, warning lights or other driver alerts. The color, function and intensity of each LED is programmable, allowing  users to develop their own unique strategies and sequences.

C125 KitThe C125 is available standalone or as part of MoTeC’s C125 Race Kits.

Advanced Dash Logger – ADL3

Advanced Dash Logger 3MoTeC’s Advanced Dash Logger (ADL3) combines display, fully programmable data logger and control device, all in one extremely lightweight unit. It is a flexible, professional level system that is designed to expand with you as your requirements expand. In standard form, the ADL3 comes with 16 MB of data logging, which can be upgraded to 250 MB at any time.

The ADL3’s screen layout is fully configurable to display a multitude of data channels, warning alarms, lap times, fuel calculations, minimum corner speeds, maximum straight speeds and more.

Four auxiliary outputs can be used to control external devices with additional outputs available as an upgrade or created by using expander modules.

Sport Dash Logger – SDL3

Sport Dash Logger 3The Sport Dash Logger or SDL3 comes standard as a combined display and powerful control device in one lightweight unit. With the addition of the Data Logging upgrades,  it becomes a fully programmable data logger with 16 or 120 MB memory.

It offers the same construction and advanced technology as the top of the line ADL3, with a package of features tailored to more moderate system requirements.

The display layout is fully configurable to show a multitude of data channels, warning alarms, lap times, fuel calculations, minimum corner speeds, maximum straight speeds and more.

Four auxiliary outputs are available to control external devices. With the use of an E888 expander, eight additional thermocouple outputs are available, making this versatile unit suitable for many applications.

Club Dash Logger 3 – CDL3

MoTeC Club Data Logger 3The CDL3 Club Dash is a fully configurable display that can be upgraded to a logger at any time using a simple password system. An input/output (I/O) upgrade is also available to increase the overall functionality of the device.

The CDL3 offers the same quality and advanced technology as our professional systems with a package of features tailored to suit entry level motorsport requirements such as club racing.

Replacing traditional analogue gauges with a CDL3 adds all the benefits of a digital display such as a customised screen layout, warning alarms, minimum corner speeds, maximum straight speeds and lap times. It can also be integrated to receive information from an ECU such as RPM and engine temperature.

The CDL3 is available standalone or as part of MoTeC’s CDL3 Track Kits.

MoTeC Data Analysis Software

MoTeC i2 Data Analysis Software
MoTeC’s i2 data analysis software has been developed over a number of years with valuable input from professional race teams worldwide. It delivers an extensive package of powerful analysis tools and innovative data management features, whilst maintaining a simple and intuitive user interface.

Designed from the ground up for speed and flexibility, the i2 environment can be customised to specific user requirements. Any number and combination of graphs, gauges and reports can be analysed simultaneously. User settings, screen layouts and maths are stored with each project, making it easy to deal with multiple vehicles or motorsport categories and to share data in a team environment. MoTeC’s i2 data analysis software provides all the tools for comprehensive analysis of logged data.

There are two levels of analysis functionality; i2 Pro and i2 Standard. What’s the difference?

Good question, the following table compares the features of the two levels of analysis functionality; i2 Standard and i2 Pro.

  • i2 Standard is available to all customers with logging from a MoTeC Data Logger or ECU.
  • i2 Pro is available via a Pro Analysis upgrade on your ECU or Data Logger or by purchasing a Feature Licence, which allows data in different formats to be used with i2 Pro. Contact us for more details.
MOTEC Data Analysis Software  i2 STANDARD
 i2 PRO
Graphs (number/number of channels) 5/10 Unlimited
Graphs – Window Zoom featureTick featureTick
Graphs – Overlapped and Tiled Mode featureTick featureTick
Graphs – Min/Max/Average Measurements featureTick featureTick
Graphs – Time Variance Plot featureTick featureTick
Graphs – Filter, Scale and Offset featureTick featureTick
Graphs – Dual Cursor Support featureTick featureTick
Multiple Overlay Support NoTick featureTick
Graphical Errors and Status Display featureTick featureTick
Gauges (Configurable) featureTick featureTick
Histogram  (number/number of channels) 2/1 Unlimited
Suspension Velocity Histograms, Multi Channel NoTick Unlimited
FFTs (Fast Fourier Transform), Multi Channel NoTick Unlimited
Scatter Plots (number/number of channels) 2/2 Unlimited
Mixture Maps (number/number of channels) 1/2 Unlimited
Track Map Report (number/number of user channels) 1/0 Unlimited
Rainbow Track Maps 0 Unlimited
Section Time Reports 1 Unlimited
Channel Reports 2 Unlimited
Synchronized Video NoTick featureTick
Overlays 1 Unlimited
Graphical Overlay Alignment featureTick featureTick
Data Gating FeatureNoTick featureTick
Cursor and Zoom Linking FeatureNoTick featureTick
Animation featureTick featureTick
Edit Lap Beacons and Lap Times featureTick featureTick
Lap Stretching featureTick featureTick
Basic Maths – Smooth, Scale and Offset featureTick featureTick
Wheel Lock Correction featureTick featureTick
Maths Expressions – Plain Text Maths Equation Editor featureTick featureTick
Multiple Maths Files, Maths Import/Export FeatureNoTick (limited) featureTick
Maths Plug-ins (Maths Module) FeatureNoTick featureTick
Data Export (Graph, Histogram, Reports) featureTick featureTick
Vehicle Setup Sheets (Vehicle Constants)(Excel) FeatureNoTick featureTick
Fast On-demand Maths Processing featureTick featureTick
Automatic Unit Conversion featureTick featureTick
Automatic Track Generation featureTick featureTick
Track Section Editor (Standard Sections) featureTick featureTick
User Defined Track Sections FeatureNoTick featureTick
Details editor featureTick featureTick
Compare Details Side by Side featureTick featureTick
User Definable Projects FeatureNoTick featureTick
Application Profiles (Circuit, Drag, Bike and Rally) featureTick featureTick
User Definable Worksheet Layouts featureTick featureTick
Color Schemes featureTick featureTick
Global Channels Colors, Scales and Units featureTick featureTick
Make Reference Lap featureTick featureTick
Channel Aliases and Mapping featureTick featureTick
Drag and Drop Channel Selection featureTick featureTick
View Device Configuration featureTick featureTick
Unload Device Data featureTick featureTick
Print featureTick featureTick
Video Generation with Overlayed Gauges FeatureNoTick featureTick
Feature Licences FeatureNoTick featureTick