Custom Machined Mounting Brackets


At Veracity Racing Data, we have the capability to create custom-designed, CNC machined parts. We recently completed a MoTeC Installation on a formula car that included a custom bracket to hold the D153 Dash, Shift Light Module, and 4 control buttons. We are super proud of how that all turned out, and wanted to share some pictures.

Veracity Racing Data Steering wheel mount for MoTeC D153 and SLM

Here is photo of what the back of the steering wheel install looks like, showing the enclosed back and integrated design for a super clean install. For this particular car, we also some really clever mounts for the CDS contact-less position sensors. Here is one of the front ones, clamped onto part of the chassis, and the target magnet has been epoxied into a machined pocket in the bellcrank.

IMG_0997Do you need help with brackets for your data system installation? Give us a call to discuss your needs and let us show you exactly how Veracity Racing Data can change your dreams into reality.

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