Making Sense of Squiggly Lines

This book covers the analysis of basic channels including speed, throttle, engine RPM, gear, G forces and steering. Author Chris Brown explains how to interpret the data traces your system provides.

Clear easy-to understand color graphs and the analysis of them make this an excellent book for those working on driver development.

Because this book was intended to be data system agnostic, it will not show you how to use your data system’s software, but will show you what to look for as you use the software.

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A Practical Guide to Race Car Data Analysis


This book has a lot of practical advice, everything from providing an outline of data analysis tasks & priorities, to suggestions for screen layouts to make analysis quick and efficient.

One of the really nice aspects of this book is that it uses data from Aim’s Race Studio 2, MoTeC I2, Pi Toolbox and Stack DataPro. All the Math channels he supplies are provided for each those software analysis packages.

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