Race Technology Products

Race Technology is a UK based company that has developed a line of GPS based data logging systems.

The DL1 MK3 data logger is a highly configurable and powerful logging instrument. Whether you want to do a few track days and analyse your data, or if you are professional racer looking to add logging and a configurable control system to your race car.   DL1 Mk3 Club Logger, $999.

  • Powerful onboard processing – perform calculations live. The results can be viewed live (on a display or video), not just in post analysis.
  • Timeslip can be calculated live and displayed directly to the driver, showing exactly how much faster of slower you are continuously – not just at lap and sector markers.
  • Sensor data is processed directly by the unit rather than having to be processed in the dashboard, VIDEO4 unit and Analysis software separately.
  • User defined channels used to perform math functions on the live data, e.g. combine 4 wheel speed sensors to show if the average speed of the front wheels is higher than the rear wheels, showing spin and braking lockup. This can be displayed live to the driver, overlaid onto a video, logged for analysis or flagged via (optional) warning light output.
  • Review your braking points and overall grip with the built in 2g 3-axis accelerometer, optional 6g 3-axis accelerometer for high down force applications.
  • Optional switched PWM modulated outputs for advanced control of vehicle options such as pumps and fans. The control can be simple or based on a complicated equation, e.g. turning on a cooling fan when temperature is high and speed is low.
  • Up to 12 analogue (8 std) and 4 optional frequency inputs to connect sensors such as: wheel speeds, steering angle, damper pots, brake pressure, engine sensors, etc.
  • Extensive automatic logging control, making sure exactly the required data is logged.
  • Get the most out of your engine by logging information from your ECU*.
  • Measure your turn rate + drift angle with the gyro option.
  • Unrivaled accuracy with our 20Hz GPS option (5Hz standard).
  • USB port for reconfiguring and reflash
  • DL1Pro has rugged Aluminum case, IP54 sealing and permanent style connectors
  • DL1WP is waterproof, IP67 sealing, uses internal flash memory storage and USB upload

*ECU adapters available separately.